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Skin Disorders

A skin disorder, dot, spot or pimple. No matter how you put it, it's all acne. It affects people around the world, young and old, male and female, anywhere at anytime.

Dr. Murad is a world-renowned dermatologist who treats acne and acne-like skin problems with the same purpose: To achieve a clear, smooth, healthy complexion. All Murad products help to soothe and remove irritation and redness. So your life doesn't have to be all about acne.

As a dermatologist, Dr. Murad has treated thousands of patients with acne, and skin diseases that are similar in appearance to acne breakouts.

The Murad Difference
There are also a number of skin conditions that resemble acne such as, eczema, perioral dermatitis and folliculitis. While they may not involve all of the factors that cause real acne, they do have one thing in common - inflammation. The good news is that Acne Complex and other Murad products address ALL of the factors of acne and skin breakouts, reducing cell build-up, excess oil and inflammation.

All of Dr. Murad's products follow the Murad Recipe, which include hydrating agents, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants. These key ingredients, along with specific acne-fighters, such as Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur and Salicylic Acid, work together to provide the best environment for achieving optimal skin health.

In keeping with Murad's inclusive health™ philosophy, the acne line also features the patented Pure Skin Clarifying Tablets, part of his acne treatment to clear skin from the inside-out.

Despite what other skincare products may claim, there is no miracle acne medication, simply because there is no single cause for acne. Dr. Murad's fountain of youthful skin is simple. All Murad skin treatments are rooted in his Water Principle. As we age, our cells naturally weaken and we lose water. Murad formulas work to keep water in the cells for ultimate allover health and beauty.

The Murad Medical Philosophy
The Murad medical philosophy is an inclusive one meaning we treat both the inside of the body as well as the exterior surface of the skin.

In addressing skin concerns, we take a long-term approach that is as much about educating patients to be their own healthcare providers as it is about us performing specific treatment or procedure. We partner with you.

• First, we create a healthy skin environment that includes both topical products and internal herbal tablets for a simple reason. The healthier the skin and body are to begin with, the faster it heals, and the better and more long lasting the results.
• Second, we repair the specific concern using a wide variety of medical modalities at our disposal.
• Third, we educate the patient and provide the means to prevent the skin problem from reoccurring.

Offering both general and cosmetic dermatology, the Murad Medical Group, Inc. consists of Dr. Murad and his trusted associates. Here, patients receive expert diagnosis coupled with the most advanced techniques available for treating a wide variety of skin disorders or cosmetic concerns.


General Dermatology
Dermatology's formal definition is that of a medical specialty treating diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. Murad Medical handles all manner of skin diseases, the most common of which are noted here.

· Acne and rosacea
· Allergies and skin sensitivities
· Birthmarks and moles
· Eczema and psoriasis
· Hair and nail disorders
· Pediatric dermatology
· Rashes and skin infections
· Scar treatment and revision
· Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment
· Warts

Remember: Clear skin starts with skin care.