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Face Masks & Exfoliators

Improve your skin with a home facial or spa face mask!

Tightens and lifts to restore natural contours. 
$70.00  /  $59.95
Brightens, smooths and hydrates 
$58.00  /  $49.95
Draws out impurities to minimize breakouts 
$45.00  /  $34.95
Dissolves excess oil and deeply cleanses for a matte finish  read more...
$50.00  /  $39.95

Murad Face Masks

A skin-improving facial doesn't always mean a trip to the spa. Murad face masks and home facials provide an intensive treatment boost for any skin type or skin concern. Murad's at home facials and facial exfoliants deliver powerful treatment ingredients while also providing relaxation and stress relief. Whether you're using a mask as part of an acne treatment program or for general skin care concerns, Murad masks improve skin's appearance and overall health. As part of the second step of the Murad three-step skin care regimen Murad spa face masks and home facials provide intensive skin care treatments as a complement to a daily skin care regimen.