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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the ideal way to make your web site profitable. Our affiliate directory is composed of high quality advertisers that are looking for affiliates to join their affiliate program and promote their products.

Balley Direct (Murad Canada) - Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Murad®

Join Our Program : Powered by Commission Junction

Join a Winning Affiliate Program Today!

Welcome to Balley Direct, the Exclusive Canadian distributor of Murad. If you reach the Canadian market you can achieve excellent commissions selling our popular beauty products.

Murad® - The popular skin care line

Top products such as Acne Complex and Resurgence® - over 1 Million Sold!

Why Join

• Our program is powered by Commission Junction , the biggest and most respectful affiliate network in the world.

• We pay %20 CAD commission per sale of any of Continuity kits in Acnecomplex and resurgence website.

• We pay %20 CAD commission per sale of any products Murad Canada Website

• You will get Pay increase and constant rewards with your high performance.

• You will have a one-one Dedicated Affiliate manager who will support you throughouot the process.

• We provide you with all the marketing tools such as banners and pictures.

• Our skin care products are proven best-sellers

• They receive excellent customer service from within Canada

• They receive two FREE bonuses valued at $25 on joining our Club

• Continuous and up to date reporting on how much money you have made.

• Excellent commissions paid monthly.

Guidelines for Approval

We encourage all interested sites to apply to our program. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your site. Mainly we will not approve:

• Sites with hate/violent/offensive/racist/extreme religious content

• Pornographic/Adult content sites

• Sites promoting alcoholic beverages or excessive drinking/drug use

• Gambling or lottery sites

• Political sites that endorse one party or extreme political sites

• Sites that disparage a celebrity, or have slanderous or derogatory content

**** Important: Search Policy: (SEM Guidelines)

KeyWord bidding restrictions: We welcome paid search publishers BUT you are not allowed to bid on any trademark terms any variations or misspellings of them, or any trademarked terms in combo with any other words. We recommend setting such words as negative keywords to ensure this. We DO NOT allow any direct linking or forced redirects to or any of Murad Canada Sub-Sites- you must have your own landing page when performing SEM.

Important notice:

We are selling the products to Canada only. If your directed traffic is none Canadians, this program is not suitable for you.

This TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT sets forth the agreement between Balley Direct Inc. and each affiliate marketer.

Please read this agreement carefully before joining the Balley Direct affiliate program. By joining the Balley Direct affiliate program, you signify your assent to this Terms of Use agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Use agreement, please do not join the Balley Direct Affiliate program.

By joining the Balley Direct affiliate program and promoting our products you are agreeing to abide by following terms & conditions (rules) set forth below:

Use Of Downloadable Software

Balley Direct does not permit the promotion of our products within downloadable software. This includes, but not limited to Browser Help Operators (BHO's), Search Bar Tools, Shopping Enhancers, Top Moxies, etc... Any affiliate that is discovered to be promoting our products in any type of software will have all sales reversed and their account terminated.

Trademarks and Copyright

All Web site design, text, graphics, sound, software and other content, and the selection and arrangement thereof, are the property of Balley Direct or its licensors, and are protected by United States and international copyright law. All rights to such materials are reserved to their respective copyright owners. Permission is granted to electronically copy and to print in hard copy portions of this Web site for the sole purpose of promoting the Balley Direct Affiliate Program or using this Web site as a shopping vehicle. Any other use of materials on this site, including without limitation reproduction for purposes other than noted above, modification, distribution, replication, commercial or other exploitation, or creation of derivative works, without the prior written permission of Balley Direct, is strictly prohibited.

Promoting The Brand Names

order to maintain our integrity and recognizable brand name in the marketplace, we ask that all of our affiliates do not engage in any of the following activities:

• Mislead others.

• Operate or utilize a Web site or email link to Web sites that contain or promote any of these types of content: libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, illegal, cracking, hacking or warez, or that offer any illegal good or service, or link to a Web site(s) that do so and/or.

• Engage in spamming, indiscriminate advertising or unsolicited commercial email.

• Engage in cybersquatting or typosquatting.

We reserve the right to terminate the affiliate relationship with you for violation of any of the above mentioned items at any time within our sole discretion with or without notice.

Payment Of Commission

All commissions will be paid in CAD (Canadian) currency. Balley Direct reserves the right to withhold any commissions it deems as fradulent such as those being earned or obtained through the use or spyware, BHO's or any other commission altering software program. Questions About The Balley Direct Affiliate Program?

Have a questions or concern about our affiliate program? Please contact