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Best and Most Effective Anti Wrinkle Creams

As we age, wrinkles are bound to develop on our face, around the neck and often most prominently around the eyes in the form of under eye wrinkles or crows’ feet. When this happens, the first thing that we often ask ourselves is “What is the best and most effective anti wrinkle cream to give me younger looking skin?” The true answer is that it may depend on the type of wrinkles that you’re experiencing as well as where they are on your face. Wrinkles are essentially formed by the deterioration and decreased production of collagen and elastin in the skin, but different causes can mean different solutions to become wrinkle free. Fortunately, the anti wrinkle experts at Murad Canada have created wrinkle creams to address all of the causes of aging.

Anti Wrinkle Creams
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Anti Wrinkle Creams for Genetic Aging

Genetic aging is the natural breakdown of the components of your skin that keep you wrinkle free. Genetic aging may start to show on your skin as early as your twenties or as late as your forties, depending on your genetic makeup. As collagen and elastin break down and are produced in lower quantities by the skin over time, the skin loses its ability to remain flush and supple as well as to spring back into place after repetitive movements that cause wrinkles happen. Murad Age Reform® Anti Wrinkle Products are specially formulated to combat the natural genetic aging process. Because so much of genetic aging causes wrinkles because the skin is less hydrated and less collagen is produced, the anti wrinkle creams and treatments in the Age Reform line of products from Murad Canada feature anti aging ingredients to both inhibit the breakdown of existing collagen as well as to exfoliate away the top layer of skin so that the more hydrated skin beneath, with less developed and extreme wrinkles, becomes the smoother skin that appears on the surface more quickly. Time after time, anti wrinkle cream reviews by real customers have confirmed one thing: Age Reform products are effective at diminishing even medium-to-deep wrinkles. In addition to anti wrinkle creams, the product line includes serums, anti wrinkle eye creams, cleansers, moisturizers and the best-selling Murad Intensive Resurfacing Peel. The most popular product, however, is Murad Age Reform Complete Reform, a complete anti aging and anti wrinkle solution that has been shown to improve skin’s firmness by up to 61% after just one use. From night creams to daytime treatments, Age Reform’s products are designed to diminish the signs of aging and wrinkles.

Anti Wrinkle Products
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Anti Wrinkle Creams for Hormonal Aging

For women in particular, hormonal aging can cause the sudden appearance of new and deeper lines and wrinkles. As women approach menopause, and then in significant amounts after menopause has begun, the drop off in collagen production is extreme. In fact, in some studies, it has been show that women lose up to a third of their skin’s collagen in the five years immediately following menopause. Of course, when collagen production slows down, wrinkles become more evident. However, in the case of hormonal aging, the skin loses overall firmness, so not only are wrinkles more evident, the face also begins to “sag” or “drop”, giving wrinkles an even less appealing “droopy” look. To combat this, you’ll need a very specific type of anti wrinkle treatment, such as Murad’s Resurgence® anti wrinkle products for hormonal aging. These products use Dr. Murad’s famous science of cellular water™ principle to restore skin’s firmness. It’s even likely that you’ve seen the Resurgence infomercial, which includes celebrity and real-customer reviews of these anti aging products for firmer, wrinkle-free skin. Not unlike the Age Reform products, Murad Resurgence offers a complete skin care solution to create smoother, wrinkle free skin even when a woman’s hormones begin to shift. Hydrating cleansers and toners, night creams and daytime moisturizers, and the signature treatment of this anti wrinkle line, Murad Age Diffusing Serum. Age Diffusing Serum from Murad is formulated to not only hydrate skin, it also uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids to strip away less hydrated skin on the surface and reveal the newer, younger skin beneath. It also actively inhibits collagen breakdown beneath the skin for a firmer, wrinkle-free appearance. No other anti wrinkle treatment line is specifically produced to counteract the impact of hormonal aging directly.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments
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Anti Wrinkle Creams for Environmental Aging

When we think about the causes of wrinkles and aging skin, we often overlook the impact of environment. However, environmental aging is actually a significant reason for not only wrinkles but also age spots. Environmental aging includes sun damage, both visible and beneath the skin, that is caused by UV ray exposure. It also includes the skin and collagen breakdown caused by free radicals in your system that are not only the result of UV exposure but also the result of exposure to toxins and pollutants in day-to-day life. The best anti wrinkle solutions for environmental aging will have a high emphasis on the inclusion of antioxidants to help combat those free radicals as well as skin firming ingredients. Murad’s Environmental Shield Anti Wrinkle Products are designed especially to combat environmental aging. Infused with antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, the products give a topical boost of nature’s warriors against free radicals to your skin. The product line includes antioxidant-rich cleansers, toners, home facials, moisturizers and wrinkle diminishing treatments and serums. Not only do the Environmental Shield products work to make skin firmer, smoother and wrinkle free, but they also work to diminish and fade age spots and sun spots with Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum. Every day exposure to the sun and environmental pollution takes its toll, making your skin look older both through the premature development of wrinkles, through unsightly sun and age spots, and through an overall dullness in your complexion. A topical boost of antioxidant skin care can give you younger looking skin that, more importantly, is healthy skin. While eating an anti-oxidant rich diet will help you look younger and fend off wrinkles from environmental aging, the right topical products from Murad Canada can make a huge difference as well.

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