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Choose the texture and hydration level that suits your skin.

Hydrates and protects dry, sensitive skin 
$49.00  /  $41.95
Promotes overnight renewal and restores hydration 
$58.00  /  $49.95
Luxurious, velvety formula moisturizes and smooths 
$78.00  /  $66.95
Experience Unmatched Hydration 
$86.00  /  $73.95

Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizers - Hydrate and Firm Aging Skin

For firm skin, your face needs to be hydrated both internally (by eating your water as described in Dr. Murads best-selling book, The Water Secret) as well as topically. Murad anti-aging face and skin moisturizers for day use combine hydration with ingredients that fight the signs of aging including sun protection to prevent damage from ongoing exposure to UV rays. No matter what your aging skin care concerns are, Murad offers both daytime moisturizers and intensive nighttime moisturizing serums and creams to hydrate and protect skin.