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Sun Protection

Make UV Ray Protection Part of Your Skin Care Regimen

Hydrates and protects without causing blemishes 
$65.00  /  $49.95
Restores youthful texture and luminosity 
$105.00  /  $79.95
Deeply moisturizes and provides hydration 
$72.00  /  $59.95
A revolutionary, ultra-light, 100 percent mineral sunscreen with environmental protection technology to shield skin from key causes of damage that accelerate visible signs of aging.  read more...
$75.00  /  $59.95
A breakthrough formula with super-charged antioxidants from marrubium plant stem cells to detoxity skin and help visibly reduce lines and wrinkles.  read more...
$90.00  /  $69.95
Flawless and fabulous in just one step. 
$78.00  /  $59.95

Sun Protection Skin Care

Because you're constantly exposed to UV rays from the sun, you should give your skin continuous protection to prevent UV ray damage. That's why sun protection is an essential part of any skin care regimen. Nothing can do more long-term damage to your skin than sun exposure which is a proven cause of premature aging, dark spots and age spots and even skin diseases. Murad sunblocks, eye creams and daytime moisturizers incorporate sun protection to safeguard your skin's health. As part of the third step of the Murad three-step skin care regimen, Step Three: Hydrate | Protect, Murad sun protection products include broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage which is why they have both SPF and PA protection rating.