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Correct & Protect

Fade today's dark spots and help shield skin from new UV damage.

Rediscover bright, beautiful skin 
$270.00  /  $235.95
Repair skin and restore youthful texture and radiance. 
$98.00  /  $84.95
Brightens, smooths and hydrates 
$58.00  /  $49.95
Rediscover bright, beautiful skin 
$270.00  /  $235.95
Visibly brightens and smoothes eye area for enhanced radiance.  read more...
$95.00  /  $79.95
Experience Dr. Murad's renowned glycolic anti-aging treatment at home. This extra-strength peel blends 10% glycolic acid with vitamin C to instantly retexturize and brighten skin without irritation.  read more...
$55.00  /  $44.95

Murad Environmental Shield

Combat Dark Spots and Sun Damage

Daily exposure to UV rays, toxins and pollutants takes its toll on your skin in the form of Environmental Aging. The breakdown of collagen and weakening of elastin can lead to premature or accentuated wrinkles, and damage to the melanocytes, skin's specialized pigment producing cells, can result in dark spots or age spots. Murad Environmental Shield products harness the power of Vitamin-C and antioxidants to undo existing environmental damage to your skin and prevent future damage.